Friday, October 9, 2009


So I have decided that Colton will be on an altered schedule for his vaccines. I know at his 12 month appointment, he is to get vaccines. Not sure which ones that they have "scheduled." He most certainly will not be getting the MMRV shot. I did some research on it because I knew that the MMR shot was one that was controversial to begin with. When you add the varicella vaccine (chicken pox shot) to it, it can cause high fever and febrile sezuires. The MMR by itself also is known to cause fevers and possibly sezuires, but when you add the "V" to the MMR, the child has a much greater chance of having problems. I read many studies and searched the CDC website for all my information. I also plan on waiting on the MMR by itself until he is 18 months old. They only need two boosters by the time they start school, which for him will be a year later than most due to his birthday being after the Sept. 1st cut-off. IF I decide to get the chicken pox vaccine, he can get it when he is older--like 2 or three. He isn't in day care, has no older (or younger) siblings and is very healthy. They certainly didn't have the chicken pox shot for us when we were growing up. I had chicken pox when I was 7 and had no problems. I know that vaccines are required to start school, but I think the timing of them should be a little more spread out. It is a personal choice and no one should feel bad for doing what they think is best for their kids.

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