Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok so now I can actually see the teeth coming!!! He is getting his top two teeth before his bottom ones. He doesn't like for me to look at them anymore though. I "brush" his gums with the washcloth when he is getting his bath. This morning when he was eating his grits, he was being coy and leaning over to the side and I kept imitating him and he would smile and I could see the little white tips coming out of his gums. I am not sure this is such a good thing though--cranky, nonsleeping, feverish--OH JOY!! LOL
Right now he and Grammy are at their first MOPS meeting. I sure hope it goes well. I am not quite sure what it is all about, but I thought it might be a good way for him to interact with other babies. If Mom doesn't like it, she doesn't have to go back I guess. I just hope Colton doesn't get kicked out for being mean or too rough!! :O)

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