Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping all weekend

I think our entire weekend was a shopping trip!! On Saturday morning Colton, Mom and I went to Tallahassee. Mom needed to go to a store there in Tallahassee to get my neices Christmas presents (they only sell them at this one store in Tally) and then we were going to go to Toys-R-Us and to the mall. We got to the first store and did some shopping. I bought Colton some books and Mom got the girl's gifts. Then we were off to Toys-R-Us. Well when we got there it said they were closed due to storm damage. I don't recall any major storms lately, but whatever. I was disappointed because I really wanted to get Colton some birthday/Christmas presents and get my nephew's birthday present as well. So we went on to the mall. I had to resist buying Colton more clothes. I LOVE to buy him clothesm but he REALLY doesn't need any!! I think I ended put only getting him a pair of pants and a rashgard shirt for next summer. On a side note--I had trouble getting his shoes on for a little over a week now. They were size 3s and I knew that his size 2s were too small. I had gotten him a new pair of Nikes and a pair from the Children's Place as well. He had only worn the Nikes last week and it was the first time for the others. Well when we were at Sears buying toys (they have a pretty good toy selection there) I went over to the show dept and had the lady measure his feet. Come to find out, he measured a 3.5!!! No wonder I was having trouble. I was trying to squeeze his feet into shoes that were to small!! Colton was good all day. He slept on the way there and the way back. When we got home, we watched the Alabama game and picked up pecans.
On Sunday, Steve wanted to go to the mall in Gainesville. We left here about 9:30 so when we got to Gainesville, of course the mall wasn't open yet (I told him that but he insisted that the mall opened at 11:00, when I knew it wouldn't be open until noon). Toys-R-Us was right next door and it opened at 10:00. It is a big store with a Babies-R-Us attached too. I got Colton another birthday/Christmas gift and I also found him some shoes in the right size!! I already had another pair of Nike's that were a size 4, but he needed some new "church" shoes. I also found him some cute little Christmas jammies with a Santa hat he can wear on Christmas morning. I still have some more shopping to do, but I guess I still have time.

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