Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October in Florida

Last week was so nice we had the windows open and it got down into the 50s at night. Today at 7:00am it was 80 degrees and 100% humidity. It is like a pressure cooker out there. Hopefully it will cool back off soon. For Halloween, Colton is "going" as Eeyore and I am sure he will not want to be in that costume if it is still 90 degrees outside!! I can't wait to carve his pumpkin and to take his picture in his costume. He looks soooo adorable.
Still waiting to see if what I see in his mouth is actually his teeth coming in. It really doesn't make a difference to me if he has teeth or not at this time. I know he will get them eventually and when he does---OH BOY--watch out for those chompers!! That is how he gives kisses-with his whole moth and kinda sucks on your face and/or chin. Right now it is just gums, but with teeth it will be a whole different experience.

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