Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maybe getting some teeth??

I think he might be getting some teeth--maybe?? At this point he has NONE. I have been thinking since he was 4 months old that he has been teething. He had all the classic symptoms--fussing, drooling, low grade fever, rubbing everything on his gums--and then nothing. Well then about a month ago I thought maybe again. Nope he just had a cold. Last night during his bath, I was wiping his gums with the washcloth and I thought his top gums looked different. I can't really remember what they looked like before though. We fought about it for a while--I wanted to exmaine better and he wanted to play with is whale. There seems to be two swollen, whitish looking bumps where his top teeth would be, but they are definitely not at the bottom gum level. Obviously they have to move down at some point so maybe he is just at the beginning stage of his little chompers dropping. He also has been sucking his top lip a lot lately. Who knows?!?!?

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