Monday, January 31, 2011

What a week

Colton so very nicely gave me his sickness last week.  I had a cough and congestion followed by a running nose--constantly!!  I really didn't feel much like doing anything.  As the week progressed, we both got better.  I still have a little remnant of the stuff, but feeling much better.  Colton only had his cough medicine a couple times at night and by Wednesday no longer needed it.

Saturday he went to the barber shop and cut his hair cut.  He is so good while Don cuts his hair.  He just sits up there like a little man and looks like one after it is done.  After that we went on a LONG bike ride--probably 10 miles or so and played outside almost the rest of the day.  It was 70 degrees or so all weekend.

Yesterday we went to church and then to Sonny's.  Steve wanted all you can eat chicken (as if he doesn't get enough chicken at home LOL).  Got home and almost immediately got back in the car and drove back to Lake City for Sophie, Emma and Annabelle's 2nd birthday party.  Since the party started at 2, which is right in the middle of nap time, Colton fell asleep about 5 minutes after we got out of the driveway, which was GREAT.  He got to sleep about 45 minutes and once we got there, he had at least gotten a little rest.  He was very good at the party and played nicely with all the kids.  He tried hugging one little boy, who didn't like it and went running away.  He ate WAY TOO MUCH candy.  They had candy in jars for people to make little goodies bags and Colton kept going over and grabbing handfuls of M&Ms.  He probably ate more candy in 30 minutes than he has had in his entire life!!  He had a cupcake with cotton candy on top as well.

I stopped off at Wal-Mart on way home to pick up a few things and thought I would get a trim while I was there.  And a TRIM I got--like 5 inches off and I don't even think it is even!!  I was not happy.  I have somewhat wavy hair and when it is this short, it is even wavier so it masks the unevenness a little.

I figured bedtime would not go so well since he was hyped up on candy and over-stimulated.  I put him down at his normal time, but he sang and played in his bed until about 8:00 or so.  He really didn't want to get up this morning.  That 30 minutes of sleep makes a big difference.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our first "real" sickness---

On Friday evening while Colton and I were watching dump truck videos, I noticed that his hands were ICE COLD.  We hadn't been outside and he hadn't just washed his hands, so I found it quite odd--probably has NOTHING to do with his actual sickness, but I just thought it needed to be mentioned.  So anyway, Steve got home about 12:30AM and came to bed about 1:30, so I was awake for a while.  At about 2:30, I heard Colton crying and saying "my momma" and making an odd noise--like a bark.  I went into his room and he was standing up in his crib crying and I said to him "It's ok.  Lay back down" and he laid down and I rubbed his back and he was making a bit of a wheezing noise.  I went back to bed and he did as well and he woke up about 7:30, which is normal.  We had planned on going to Tallahassee for the day to do some shopping, but I did notice he was still barking like a seal off and on--my first thought was definitely croup.  I took his temperature and he didn't have a fever.  You could just tell by looking at him that he didn't feel well.  He was a trooper all day though.  Every time he "barked" I think it would scare him and he would cry, which in turn made it worse.  I bought him some honey elixir that really helped his cough.  He only slept for about 30 minutes on the way home and then he was wide awake.  I could tell by that point he had a fever and I took his temperature and it was about 100.  I gave him some Tylenol and he laid on the couch covered up with a blanket for AN HOUR watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  Now if you know Colton, that is a HUGE thing.  He is never still for that long and he never watches that much TV.  I gave him a bath and gave him more Advil and his honey syrup and he went right to sleep.  I also put a warm mist humidifier with Vick's Vapor Steam in his room.  However he woke up every three hours crying and I would go in and give him more honey and he would lay back down and go back to sleep.  Yesterday he seemed to feel better and his cough was much better.  We played outside since they say cold air is good for croup.  His temperature was around 99, so not bad.  Last night I put his humidifier back on and he slept all night without waking up.  He went to school this morning and they said he was fine at school, so maybe he is on the mend.  I think he gave it to me though--I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat and my nose is running non-stop.  I would blame school, but Steve had it first so I think he gave it to Colton.

Friday, January 21, 2011

EI Evaluation

So I just back to work after Colton's EI evaluation.  It went well.  Once again he DOES NOT qualify for any type of speech therapy.  They said because he says some words and is able to point to what he wants, that he has enough words based on their criteria.  They also of course tested his motor skills and cognitive abilities and he was off the charts on those--literally.  He tested up to a 3 year old level on some things.  She said that he has some sensory issues.  He likes things that are sensory related--throwing, running and crashing.  All in all they said he was extremely bright and to just give him time.  If by 30 months he still hadn't gained more words, to call them back.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First trip to the dentist

Colton had his very first dentist visit this morning.  The dentist is only a pediatric dentist so they are used to little ones.  I was expecting the WORST and it actually turned out good.  I had envisioned him crying and screaming and biting the hygienist fingers.  They did a "lap to lap" exam, which meant that he sat in my lap with his feet around my waist and then laid back into her lap so she could she his teeth.  He laid right back and opened his mouth and she checked all in there.  Apparently he is getting two molars, which I didn't know about.  She scraped his teeth with the little scraper thing and she even flossed them.  She said he was one of the best kids they see--YIPPEE FOR COLTON.  Then the dentist came in to have a look and Colton was a little more shy for him, but then he laid back and let him look.  All in all, he said his teeth look great and just keep doing what we are doing.  He got a red balloon and a rubber ducky!!!  I was very proud of my little man. 

It has been a tough week.  On Monday, he went in and got his varicella vaccine and then he had to go to the hospital to get his blood drawn for his lead test.  As you may or may not recall, they do not do a finger prick, they go straight for the vein.  He cried when she stuck him and then while he blood was flowing, but he quit when she was done and I gave him a little lollipop.  So far no reaction to the vaccine, but it could be up to a month before we see any reaction.

Friday he has his EI evaluation.  I am dreading it as well as looking forward to it, if that makes any sense.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brrrrrr...It is cold!!

  Ok so not as cold as almost ALL OF THE COUNTRY, but still for us, it is cold.  I try and dress myself and Colton in layers so that way we can strip off layers as it gets somewhat warmer.  This morning he had on a T-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a fleece fuzzy and two pairs of cotton pants.  Trying to potty training in the winter is not easy with all the layers of clothes on that boy!!

   I have a three day weekend coming up, so I will be the one to take Colton to school on Monday.  Last Monday, Mom said he was a little weepy and then Tuesday he said "bye" but his little lip quivered a little.  Of course he had yesterday and today off and then back to school tomorrow.  He gets to stay for lunch since they are having pizza.  I think he is getting a little more accustomed to the "routine."  Next Friday, he will have to leave school early though because he is having his EI evaluation.  I am interested in what they say.  I am prepared for his delay in speech, but I just wonder what else he could be lagging behind in.  I think he may know more than he "lets on", but he doesn't have the words to express himself.  I can see the frustration in his face when he wants something, but can't say what it is.  We try and make him say the word or repeat the word, but it still just doesn't work.  He will just say "uh-huh" or "yep" but not repeat the word.  Still doesn't say ABCs or count at all.  He knows what two and three is, but doesn't say the correct word.  I thought they were supposed to be sponges at this age----

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Friday

After having the last two weeks be short weeks, this week has seemed extra long. 

Colton did start school on Monday and it went well.  Ms Tanya said he played well with the other kids.  He didn't seem to care when Grammy dropped him off and when she went to pick him up, he was playing with another little boy and didn't come running right over to her.  Tuesday didn't go quite as well at drop off time. Mom said he was crying when she left but when she went to pick him up, he was fine.  He had Wednesday and Thursday with no school.  On Wednesday, it poured down rain all day so he couldn't get out to play and run around.  It was a rough evening when he got home.  He was EXTREMELY whiny and he peed in his pants twice in 30 minutes, which is not like him at all.  Normally he stays dry all day with maybe a pooping during his sleep (he wears a pull-up for naps for just that reason) and then from the time we get home until I put him to bed.  I sat him on the potty and he cried.  I tried to take him off the potty and he cried.  I tried to put his pants back on and he cried.  He just keep "melting".  I think he might trying to get a little sick.  He sounded a little stuffy the last couple mornings and then last night he woke up crying and I had to go and rock him for a minute and then he went back to sleep.  He went to school again this morning and was a little weepy when she dropped him off.  He kept saying "my momma" which is all he ever says when he is crying or gets in trouble.  When she went to pick him up, he was sitting at the lunch table with everyone and they were having pizza and corn, two of his favorite foods, so he got to stay and eat lunch with everyone today.  I figure I pay for it, so every now and then he can stay and eat.

My friend Brenda and her girls are coming over tomorrow.  Addison is two and Bailey is 2 and half months old.  Brenda and I were pregnant together and worked together so you could say Colton and Addison have known each other since before birth!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I would like to wish all my "readers" a happy and healthy new year.  Last year is behind us and we get to start "anew" again.  So far this year (or at least the first three days!!!) have been good for us.  My beloved 'Bama boys beat Michigan State in their bowl game.  Steve started the new year with a job (YEAH!!) and hopefully he will keep said job.  Colton has been doing well with his potty training.  He sometimes has an accident, but it is usually me fault. Yesterday he had been dry all morning, even pooped in the potty that morning, and after lunch we went to Home Depot.  He told me he had to go potty, but the bathroom was CLEAR ACROSS THE STORE and we didn't make it in time.  He finally gets what wet is and how he should stay dry.  He checks his undies to see if they are dry every time we go potty.

Today is his first day of "school" and I hope it goes well.  I am sure it will take him a little while to adjust and get into the routine.  He is pretty social and doesn't seem to mind being left with others.  I am sure he will so excited with all the new kids and toys to really realize that Grammy left.  My main concern is that he won't listen to the teacher because he isn't used to that type of structured environment.  She did tell us that she gives them a lot of freedom and teaches independence, but they do have circle time and activities and "lessons" throughout the morning.  I am sure he will do fine and have a great time.  Since his birthday is in December, he will either have to start a year later than other kids or he will have to test into private school.  Either way, it is 3 to 4 years down the road and we have plenty of time to figure it out.


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