Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the "grind"

We had a nice weekend I guess. It is still REALLY hot here. On Saturday my Dad came back from NY so Colton and I spent the day over at Mom and Dad's house--Steve was at work all day. Colton wasn't quite sure who he was since he hadn't seen him since mid-August. We watched the football games and went on some walks--he LOVES going on walks and driving his car. Alabama won so that was GREAT!! On Sunday we went to church and then we went out to Applebee's for my birthday. Steve didn't want them to come over and sing, so we didn't tell them it was my birthday. I missed out on my free dessert! :o(
His transition to milk is going well. He doesn't seem to notice at all. On Saturday night and then again last night, he only nursed for like 3 minutes on one side and then was ready to go to sleep. On Sunday morning, I didn't even try and nurse him. I just got him up and gave him his cup of BM/cow's milk and he was happy. I still worry about the right-before-bed feeding, but if the last two night are any indication, he will do just fine.
Both my friend's little girl and my nephew are sick. They both have a snotty nose and can't sleep at night. Neither one got the H1N1 shot, so it isn't that. Hopefully they don't have the flu itself. I was reading how 19 babies have died since Oct 3rd from H1N1 flu. That is very scary. I am still going back and forth on getting vaccinated. I have never gotten a flu shot and I have never gotten the flu. Maybe if Colton was in day care or had siblings I would be more apt to get the shot. I just don't know!!!

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