Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I created a "monster"

Colton will not eat store bought baby food. Ever since he has been eating solid foods, I have made all of his baby food. I make all of his veggies and fruits and meat. At dinner, he usually has what I am having, plus Yobaby and cereal. I have tried to give him ground beef and he didn't like it. He loves chicken and pork chops. Maybe if I mixed the beef with something he might like it better. We tried to give him Spaghetti Os and he didn't like them. We tried one of those ready-made meals, I think it was chicken with stars, and he wouldn't eat it. I really think he doesn't like the way processed food tastes because he is used to fresh food. What kid doesn't like Spaghetti Os? I think he might be teething again because his appetite seems diminished again. He can throw down some fruit though!!!

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