Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cow's milk

I gave Colton a little cow's milk in his BM cup at lunch today. He seemed to not even notice really. My supply has decreased tremendously since he isn't nursing as much. My body is adjusting but not supplying as much. Also I don't think I have enough fat in my BM for him. I don't eat hardly any fat and what I do eat is most likely used my my own body first. Half the time at dinner, I hardly eat anything at all since I am trying to make dinner for Steve and I and trying to get him fed and cleaned up so we can go outside before it gets dark. I know you are supposed to wait until 12 months to wean them onto cow's milk, but it is only a month off since I would have started the mixing part at 11 months anyway. We will see how the week progresses.

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