Monday, February 28, 2011

Only my boy---

     We were outside eating lunch (since it is in the 80s here and gorgeous) and I asked Colton if he needed to go pee.  He said no, but was running around holding himself.  I said "why don't you trying peeing on this brick?"  He said ok so he proceeded to try and pee on the brick--with not much success since he didn't really pee at all.  He went back to playing on his workbench and about 10 minutes later started saying "OHHHH" and running back over to the brick (this was the first time I have ever used the brick as encouragement, it is not like we make it a rule to pee on things in the yard!! LOL)  I helped him get his shorts unsnapped and he proceeded to poop and pee on the brick.  He started crying and I said "Don't cry.  You did a good job by letting me know you had to go.  GOOD BOY!!" I cleaned him up and gave him 5 mini M&Ms and he was happy as a clam!!


  I decided that week that we were ditching the pull-ups (much to Grammy's dismay).  He stays dry most of the time and I think when he does wet the pull-up, it is just like a diaper and he doesn't feel wet.  I had gotten some of those plastic pants several months ago, but they make him so hot under his clothes and his little hiney gets all sweaty.  When he is at home, I usually just take his pants off.  He has been doing really well.  He gets the concept a littl emore about telling us he has to go.  Last week, he did have an accident in his little "Bob Bob's".  He had gone pee about 20 minutes before hand, but we were playing and he wet is underwear.  I took him in the bathroom and said "see Bob Bob is wet.  He doesn't like to be wet."  To which his response was "no."  After that time, he has not had any more accidents.  Yesterday we were out all day either at church, walking, out playing or at the mall and he stayed dry the entire day.
     Pooping is another issue.  Yesterday morning, he did actually say he needed to go and I sat him on the potty while I got finshed getting ready for church and gave him a book and he went.  He was so proud of himself.  Last night, he kept saying he neded to go and he would run to the potty and pull his underpants down and sit there and then nothing .  This happened about 10 times in 45 minutes.  He was really trying, but he had no success.  I figured he would go in his pants, but he never did that either.  Maybe now it is clicking somewhat in his little mind.

Friday, February 18, 2011

We can see the end--

Finally it seems as though our sickness is clearing.  Colton has been back to normal self these last few days.  he is back to eating and peeing and running around crazy.  My cold is pretty much gone as well.  It is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, with highs near 80 degrees, so that will be really nice.  We can get out and run all the cold germs out of us!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The sickness that will just not got away--

Colton has still been not feeling so well.  Friday he had a slight fever (101 degrees) and by lunch time, he was "melting."  He and Mom met me to go out to lunch and he he was just not himself.  He was cranky and just wanted me to hold him and he about fell asleep in my lap.  Mom took him home and he took his nap, but only slept for about hour.  By the time I picked him up, he had gotten worse.  He cried and only wanted me hold him.  I sat on the couch and held him and he fell asleep on me at 6:30, so I put him down.  He slept until 7:30 on Saturday morning and still was feeling puny.  I gave him some Advil and that seemed to help.  He just didn't have a great weekend.  Much of the same for Sunday.  His Valentine party was on Monday so I gave him more Advil and he got to go to school.  By 10:30 they called and said his temperature was back up to 100.5, so Mom had to go get him.  All this time my cold is getting better and now Mom is getting sicker. 

I took yesterday off to give her a chance to rest and relax and I took Colton to the doctor.  I really didn't want to take him and have to put him on antibiotics, but I noticed he was not peeing very well either and complained that his back hurt, so I thought he could have a kidney infection.  Turns out he has a double ear infection to go along with his cold.  She said from all the congestion, it backed up in his ears.  So he is on Zyrtec for the congestion and Augmentin for the infection.  He never really complained of his ears hurting.  His mattress had to be elevated at the head to help with the drainage and I am still using the Vicks humidifier with Vapor Rub on his chest as well.  He slept well last night.  He just woke up once, but settled himself back down within a minute or two.  The past couple nights, he had woken up and I had to go in and give him more Tylenol/Advil.

Hopefully now he is on the mend, Mom is on the mend and we can finally shake this nasty bug that seems to be getting to everyone--not just in our family but it seems that there are sick people everywhere!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Angry Birds

Ok anyone else out there as addicted to Angry Birds as I am???  I just can't stop playing it--one more time, I just have to try one more time!!!  I have been playing it 3 days now and I am on level 21 and I CAN NOT GET PAST IT!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

I am not sure what was wrong with Colton on Friday.  When Mom went and picked him up, he was still crying.  It took her awhile to calm him down.  He did say that his head hurt, so she gave him some Advil and that seemed to help.  She did take him to the doctor, I believe it was Thrusday, to make sure he didn't have pink eye, which he did not have.  His eyes are no longer really gunky.  Now they are blood red in the corners.  I asked the pharmacist what to get and I am supposed to put drops in his eyes 4 times a day--yeah right.  I get near him and he pitches a fit.  I try and do it at least twice a day though.

We had a pretty uneventful weekend.  It rained Saturday and yesterday it was a little cool.  I just try and get Colton outside as much as possible.  I will certainly be happy when "winter" is over.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A call from teacher--

I just got a call from Colton's teacher saying that he was crying and she couldn't calm him down.  He had been crying for about 30 minutes and was saying his head hurt.  Those last couple words scare me.  Anytime I heard about heads hurting I immediately think brain tumor, eye tumor, migraines.  I have read recently about several other little kids and even some moms being diagnosed with brain tumors and now that he is complaining of a headache, I start to panic.  We all have had a cold for more than a week now so I am hoping it is just congestion.  He was pretty whiny this morning when I left so hopefully it is nothing serious.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hump day---

Well we made it to Wednesday.  This week has been slow compared to previous weeks.  Everyone is on the mend and feeling better.  Although Colton did wake up this morning with a goopy eye.  He had greenish-tan goop all over his eyelashes on one eye.  His eye didn't look red, but sure did not want me to get the goop off.  Mom said she thought that pink eye may be going around school, but hopefully it is not that.

I signed up for the Florida Pre-Paid college fund last night.  As it is right now by the time he goes to college, we will have put almost 22,000 into his college fund.  Who knows how much college will be by the year 2026, so I thought it was a good plan to lock in the current price.  Hopefully he can still gets a scholarship, but this will certainly help.  He can also use it if he plans to go to school out of state.  The difference just has to be made up.  Now he just has to make it out of preschool LOL. 

He has been doing better at school.  I do think it is helping him socialize and relate to other kids.  Ms. Tanya said that she makes him use his words and that he can say "please" and "thank you".  I haven't heard "please" yet, but I have heard him say "thank you".  When we were at the birthday party last weekend I could see a little change in how he relates to the other kids.

I thought it was a cute picture of Colton and Annabelle (his favorite triplet).  Her mom said "do you think this is foreshadowing the future?"  I said yeah, him chasing after her and her running!!  Who knows, usually it is the little girls running after the little boys.  Maybe I can show this to them in 14 years and say"see I knew you I would end up together"


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