Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back from Disney

Our hotel--The Swan. Colton would always look up and say "bird".
Relaxing at the pool the first night.

Swimming with cousin Vivian

Ella taking him up to the water slide.
Down he goes. He was technically too young to go. The sign said "4 years and up" and no floation devices. The lifeguards were nice though and let him go after they saw how much he loved it.

Out the other end.
On the bus to the Magic Kingdom.

Standing on Main Street.

Colton and his "girls".

Riding Buzz Lightyear

Shooting the guns.
Alladin's Magic Carpet ride

On It's a Small World.
I think he thought the little people were real!!
Not a big fan of Goofy--AT ALL!!!! I finally found something that scares him--People dressed in costumes. He went on all the rides that he could go on, even teh Haunted Mansion and never batted an eye, but he was getting no where near that Goofy!!! He saw them from afar and was fine, but not up close. All in all he did really well. It was very hot and there were a lot of people there. The longest we waited in any line was about a half and hour and he did ok with that. We did Baby Swap on the big rides and he slept in his stroller for his afternoon nap. Considering his entire schedule was screwed up, he adjusted well and slept good at night in his Pea-pod. Maybe we will go backin a couple years when he will be bigger and can ride everything and will remember actually being there!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Aloha Friday

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So here on Fridays we're taking it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’m asking a simple question for you to answer & nothing that requires a lengthy response.If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at the very friendly place of Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends and find new followers!

What is on your bucket list? Mine would have to include going out West sometime. I have been all over the South and as far west as College Station, TX, but I would love to see California and the Grand Canyon, maybe even go to Las Vegas!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not too much going on these days---

There is not much happening these days, just same ole same ole--work, cook, play, bathe, sleep, start all over again the next day. Colton is still his crazy little self. He is getting more of his own little personality these days.
--He wants to pick out which shoes he wears and help put them on.
--He wants to help out around the house more and more. He loves to throw trash away and totes Grammy's garbage cans to the curb.
--He is obsessed with "Brown Bear Brown What Do You See". He reads it every night before bed and takes it to bed with him as well. He knows the animals by sight and can pick which is what color.
--He loves to color right now. he wants to color every night after dinner.
--He ALWAYS wants to play "ring around the rosie" and will fall down just at the right time.
--He is becoming a little sensitive these days. If you raise your voice with him sometimes, it just breaks his little heart and he will put his bottom lip out and start bawling.
--He loves to go down the waterslide at the pool.
--He is afraid that turtles will bite his toes!! Mom's neighbor has a electronic turtle that sings and walks and he thinks it is coming to bite his toes. When he sees a turtle in his book, he will point to his toes and look very serious.
--Has finally learned how to kiss properly, no more open mouth kisses, he puckers hip lips now.
--He will tell you when he has to go potty by grabing himself and running to the bathroom door. Sometimes he doesn't make it though, but he is trying.

We are going to Orlando a week from Monday. My sister is flying down from NY for a writer's convention and bringing my neices. We are going to go to Disney (Lord help us--we are going to roast!!) and then Mom is bringing the girls back up here for 4 days before taking them back down to Orlando. Not sure how Colton will do. I think during the day he will be fine. He can nap in his stroller. The problem is going to be at night. He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 and that just isn't going to work with 4 other people in the room. I bought him this--,5 and I am hoping maybe it will fit in a closet or something to give him a little quiet space. It is only for two night sand I am sure he will be alright.

Friday, July 9, 2010

His shirt says "Sometime I get so mad I just want to pack up my diapers and leave"and that was the look I got yesterday morning when I went in to wake him up to go to Grammy's for the day. I don't think he was ready to get up!!

"Contest" pictures

Walking out on stage for the first time.

Wearing his "American Wear".
Looking cool
With his trophies.
One of my favorite shirts. He was saying "cheese" and posing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend. I hope yours was good as well. Saturday we got to sleep in a little (until almost 8:00!!) then we went with Mom's neighbor to help her pick blueberries. Colton really enjoy blueberry picking!! Last year he still way to small and couldn't even walk. This year he was just at the right to level to get the low branches and he was a great picker. He picked only the blue ones and put them right in his bucket (minus the 100 or so he ate LOL). He got to see a peacock and tried to catch it, but it was having none of that. That bird ran and Colton gave chase as fast as his little legs would go.
Sunday we got up and went to church and then headed out. I entered Colton into a beauty pageant (it sounds odd saying that for a boy so we will just call it a "contest!!). Registration started at 1:00 and Colton usually goes down for his nap from 1:00-3:00, so I was not quite sure how the day was going to go. As we were driving, he fell asleep, which was perfect. He slept all the way there and then once we got to the restaurant, I stayed in the car with him so he could sleep and Mom and Steve went in and ordered. He got to sleep for about an hour total and then I took him in to eat.
Once we got to the contest location, which was at the mall, we walked around and I went and registered him. I have never been to one of this things--I just watch Toddlers and Tiaras and laugh at the kids and parents. We walked around some more and then I went to get him dressed. I thought he looked MIGHTY handsome in his little outfit. I put him in a pair of navy chinos with a light blue chambert shirt with his tie and then an argyle vest over it. He was spiffy. When his number was called, he went right up on stage and waved at he judges, blew them kisses and smiled. He was competing against boys of all ages and some of those boys had definitely done this before!!
He then went into "American Wear", where he had to dress in red, white and blue. I put him a little red muscle shirt with his American flag bathing suit and navy crocs with his baseball hat and sunglasses. He went up there and danced and did great!!
He ended up winning American Wear, prettiest eyes, and was runner-up for Mr. Firecracker. He did good and it was a one-time only deal. It was just something to do until gets old enough to play baseball and football. I posted pictures on my Facebook page. I will try and get them uploaded on here tomorrow.

Please vote for Colton!!

Please take a minute and vote for Colton. Feel free to pass along and have others vote for him as well!!

Thanks in advance!!


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