Monday, October 26, 2009

Another development

On a completely unrelated subject--I officially stopped pumping on Saturday. Normally I would pump first thing in the morning and then a couple more times throughout the day and mix his milk with what I pumped. On Saturday, I didn't pump at all and boy did I feel it!! He still is nursing before bed though so they got "emptied" then and on Sunday was the same. A couple weeks ago he wanted nothing to do with nursing before bed, now he is back to his usual. Especially these last two nights, there has been an abundant supply!! By about 3:00, I can feel the pain. I didn't even bring my pump to work with me today for the first time since I came back from leave. I guess I will endure the "pain" until I wean him completely. My shirts are fitting better now though there is more to fill them up!!

1 comment:

  1. It gets better I promise!! I stopped pumping about two weeks ago and it only took a couple of days for my supply to decreased. Like you I still pump at night, so I am able to empty.



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