Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back from long weekend

We had been chatting about trucks and birds and he got REALLY quiet.
About 5 minutes after the first picture.
This is the way the poor boy looked form about half of of our ride--20 minutes or so. I know that cannot be comfortable!!! I felt so bad for him. It has a screen that is usually pulled over it in the front as well, but it was so warm (at 9:30 AM) that I wanted him to get the breeze on him. I guess it was very relaxing sitting in his little cart.

We haven't had an official holiday since January, so it was nice to have off during the week and not have to use leave. My aunt came over yesterday on her way back home to Destin and we put together a gazebo that my parents have bought. It definitely took 4 people and my dad needed all the help he could get to prevent the gazebo from becoming tiny pieces strewn about the front yard. It is a good size space, but I really don't know when they will use it. It is too hot right now to sit outside and there are mosquitoes by the 100s out there in that area. Maybe when it cools down this fall they can get some use out of it.

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