Monday, June 7, 2010

18 months old

Today by little BABY is 18 months old. I will take his picture with his "info" sign after his appointment on Wednesday. We actually are going to zoo that day after his appointment so I can get some good shots there as well.

I don't know why that seems like such a big number to me. It is just one more month older, but to me, it sounds like such a big deal. Maybe because he ACTUALLY made it to a year and a half!!! Last night he almost didn't make it. Mom was leaving our house and Colton was outside with us saying goodbye. Well I walked around the sidewalk and he started running towards Grammy's car. Well she was backing up and obviously can't see this little 33 inch child behind her car. I started hollering "STOP STOP STOP" and she did only about 1 inch from him!! It was a scary moment but all turned out good (thank God!!).

I have really been frustrated with him these last couple days as well. His biting is out of control. Everyone says it is just a phase and he will grow out of it--WHEN?!?!?! Mom was over on Friday night and she was holding him and he bit her on the leg. It left a pretty good bruise. I told him "No biting" and sat him in time-out. Then he was playing with me and bit me. Again I said "NO BITING" and I popped him and put him in time-out. Saturday I was carrying him to change his diaper and he bit me on the shoulder. I actually bit him back and said "NO BITING". He cried, I felt awful, and of course it did no good. He is getting really bad and I am losing all patience with him. He has his EI "meet and greet" tomorrow so I guess I can ask her as well. I have TRIED EVERYTHING and nothing is working. I think he is defective and I need a refund!!!


  1. Hmm.. Yeah, you may have gotten a defective one. I think sometimes i did too!! LOL My Colton never bit, but his buddy Griffin did. His mom was mortified. he grew out of it. Right now we're in the kicking stage. Is it bad to want to kick back?



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