Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming lesson

Colton really loves the water. I really want him to learn how to swim. We live in FL so there is water EVERYWHERE.
We don't have a big pool, so I took him to the city pool on Saturday morning. I figured it was HOT and it would probably be crowded, but would still be worth the $2 a person to get in and try to get Colton more comfortable with swimming.

We were the only ones there!! We had an entire olympic size pool to ourselves (there were 3 lifeguards there as well!!)

Colton floated along and I was trying to teach him to kick his feet and go under water. He was just so excited and kept smiling and laughing that he was taking in a lot of water. He didn't seem to mind though. I had him jumping off the sides and I would "dunk" him now and then. I am just not sure how the specifics of "teaching" him to swim. Does anyone have any experince with this that they would like to share?


  1. Awww, he looks so adorable and happy in the water!

    They say that until kids are 4 years old, they won't be able to retain anything learned in a swimming lesson. And I have to agree somewhat. Cole and Bella had swimming lessons when they were 3 and they didn't remember a thing. Plus they struggled with the whole holding their breath while padding their arms and legs thing...couldn't seem to get everything working at the same time. They'd just dog paddle and then go under, choking on water the whole time.

    Last year, at age 4, they took private lessons and finally learned how to swim. This year they kind of forgot the basics so they did private lessons again and now they can swim just fine. It's been nice taking them to the pool and not having to worry about them.

    Garrett and Landon, on the other hand, also did private lessons this year and Landon seems to understand the basics but quickly forgets when he's not holding on to the wall. Same thing as Cole and Bella, he dog paddles and then goes under. I think next summer, they'll be able to grasp it more firmly.

    For now, you can teach him how to blow bubbles and reach for the side if he falls in the water. Those were my two main concerns...that they know not to ingest the water and that they know how to find the side if they fall in.

  2. Another one that someone told me, that had their toddler in swim lessons, was to teach them to roll over to their back if they happen to go under face down.

    I have some friends with their toddlers (around 18-20 months) in swim classes and they say at this age there really isn't much to teach, aside from just getting them used to the water. Which it sounds like he has already tackled:)



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