Friday, June 25, 2010

Super busy

We have been SUPER busy this week at work. We have getting "inspected" on Monday for our accrediation and everyone is stressed out and working hard to get everything done. Normally our sample come in around 10:00 and I have the morning to catch up on blogging, but this past week I have been busy from the moment I get here. Once Monday and Tuesday go by we can all relax and get to normal.
We have HUGE tree come down in our backyard on Tuesday. I went outside to get something out of the car before work and Maddie went out in the fenced part of the yard and was barking her head off. I looked back there and there a big cherry laurel that had taken the fence down and was laying across the yard. Thankfully it only took down one section of fence and because the tree was so big, Maddie couldn't get out of the yard. We have two acres, but only a small portion of it is fenced and she has a dog door that leads out to it. I called my insurance company and had someone come out and remove the tree and today they are coming out to give me an estimate on getting the fence fixed.
Hoping to take Colton to the pool tomorrow. There is a public pool that is open tomorrow and I really want to take him in the morning. He loves water so much and I would like to try and teach him to swim. I have swimmies and his vest with the floats inside. He seems to prefer the swimmies.
Other than that, not much going on this weekend.

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