Friday, June 11, 2010

EI meeting

So this week was Colton's EI evaluation. One lady came on Tuesday for his "meet and greet". That went well. She asked questions and wanted to know specifically what my concerns were. I told her that my concerns were his lack of speech and his biting. She observed him and told us that he seemed fine to her, but since I requested it, she would arrange for an evaluation with a specialist and an occupational therapist. The appointment was this morning and he passed with flying colors. All my concerns were for nothing. They seemed to think that he might actually be gifted based on the criteria that they test for. Yes he doesn't say the words, but his cognitive reasoning and thinking was off the charts for his age. They tested him all the way up to two and he exceeded those expectations. They said he was very advanced in his gross motor and fine motor skills. They were even surprised a couple times by what he could do or interrupt. They were not worried about his talking at all. They pretty much said that boys talk later than girls and that he was too busy to pay attention when we say words to him. We have to try and work on making him watch our mouths and pay attention to our voices when talking to him. As you can tell, I was a very proud mommy!!! I was very happy with my little man today.

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