Thursday, June 10, 2010

18 month check-up

The "sign" shot!!
On his actual "half birthday". He was eating a Nutella sandwich, which he REALLY enjoys.

After his appointment, we decided to take him to the Jax Zoo. We took him last August, but he was still to small to really take it in.
At the zoo looking at the elephants. He really liked their trunks.
On the train with me. He was too interested in everything around him to look at the camera. We saw a lot of different animals, but I think his favorite was actually a HUGE (like 20 foot) rock python. It was moving around the enclosure and came over to the glass and was "feeling" everything with it's tongue.
He favorite part of the zoo. They have a water play area for the kids. You just have to remember to have a swim diaper and a bathing suit. They have different animals that squirt and you can sit on. He made a couple little friends while and there was NO BITING!!! I was very proud. He did hug one little baby with his mouth open, but he didn't bite. We are still really struggling with the biting. Everyone says it is a phase and he will grow out of it, but I am beginning to think they are wrong. I have been doing a lot of research and reading why kids bite and he doesn't fall into most categories. I will just have to dig a little deeper.

All in in all it was a great day. I love spending time with my little guy outside. He can burn off energy and I can get a tan!!!


  1. Happy half birthday Colton! Looks like your little man is quite happy and doing very well. the zoo looks awesome! The kiddie pool looks like lots of fun. I can just imagine how busy it must get in the summer time!

  2. What a fun zoo, and happy half birthday Colton!

  3. Happy half birthday!! I love the dolphin pic, I thought he was riding a real one for a second. I know blonde moment, LOL

  4. Yeah Colton! No biting! LOL



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