Thursday, June 3, 2010

Slow Thrusday

For some reason, this week has really drug on. You would think that since Monday was a holiday, it would have gone a little faster, but no such luck. I can't believe my "little baby" will be 18 months old on Monday. As the old cliche goes "My how times flies by." Once you become a parent (or maybe just an adult) time does seem to pass much more quickly (contrary to the title of this post!! LOL). I remember as a child thinking how slow time passed and how it seemed summer lasted forever. Now I look back on certain events and think "holy cow that was 5 (or 10 or 15) years ago."

Next week will be somewhat of a busy one. Monday of course will be slow--we are REALLY slow on Mondays. Tuesday, Colton has his "meet and greet" with EI. I am still not sure if he needs it or not, but I thought it would be good to get an "outside"opinion. It can't really hurt anyway. I think he is pretty smart in logic and cause and effect type of situations. He has great hand and eye coordination and I don't think he is developmentally slow--he just doesn't talk. He says a couple words, but I know he should be saying more. Yes, every child is different and they all develop and do things on their own time, but I still just want to get that second opinion. He can recognize certain things, stacks coasters (he prefers those to blocks!!), says about 6 or 7 animal sounds, says about 7 words and can follow direction. You know that mothers always worry about their kids.


  1. Hi. I have a two yar old named Colton! I'm Heather from New Hampshire.

  2. Hope the week finishes faster than it started for you!

    Good luck with EI. It sounds to me like Colton is doing really well. But like you said having an outside opinion can help even if it's only to put Mommy's mind to rest.

  3. L-boy is going to be 18 months in a few weeks too!! Where does the time go!!

  4. Hi, It's Heather ( Colton's Mom). I can't seem to figure out how to "follow". I'm new to all this techno stuff. I don't know anyone with a Colton, except for you. We saw the name in a book, and never looked for a 2nd choice. It was perfect for us. I'm glad I found another Colton. It's funny to see his name attached with someone else...

  5. Colton used to eat the ends. He ate more cob than corn. This is the first month he can eat the ear. Its so darn cute.



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