Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MOPS pool party

Today was the official end of MOPS. Since he got "kicked out" by the ladies at the church, who don't actually have anything to do with MOPS itself and this was at one of the MOPS Mom's house, I took the morning off so I could take Colton.

Photobucket First he started out on the swing.

Photobucket Then he had a "swing mate".

Photobucket Next on to the bounce house. He really does enjoy bouncing, but he hasn't quite mastered the concept yet. He looks like a chicken while trying to bounce!!

Photobucket Then it was pool time. I just got him this swimsuit that has the life jacket attached to it. He tried it out by jumping off the side to me.


Photobucket Next we tried some Swimmies.

Photobucket Getting used to them

Photobucket A little braver

Photobucket Look at him go.

I really want to look into swim lessons for him. He loved the water and I think now is a good time to teach him to swim. Then we ate pizza and had a cookie and milk and then I had to leave so that I could get back to work. He fell asleep on the way home and then only slept for 45 minutes. His afternoon nap lately has been shorter than usual. He used to go down at 1:00 and sleep until 3-3:30. Lately though he has been up by 2 or 2:30 at the latest. It might be time to drop the morning nap completely and see if that helps. On the weekends, he rarely take a morning nap because we are usually outside or busy, but during the week, Mom puts him down for about an hour or so in the mornings. Maybe she will have to try and cut that out and see if he naps better in the afternoon.


  1. What a wonderful day together! I'm so proud of his level of comfort in the water! Way to go!

  2. I still think that is so crazy and outrageous about the MOPS group, but I'm happy that you had a fun time at this play date!

  3. How did he do with the swimmies? I need to get Tyler something but I'm not sure what yet.

  4. Looks like he loved the water! Hopefully you can find him some good swimming lessons.

    As for the napping, I am sure than eliminating the morning nap will help. My boys were doing the same thing before I got rid of the morning nap. Now they go down at 12:45 and aren't up until 3:00 (sometimes later, rarely earlier). Good luck!

  5. Looks like you all had such a fun time!!



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