Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer in FL

Man has it been HOT here this past couple days. Yes this is Florida and it is June, but it has been 100 degrees ambient with a heat index of 110 degrees. It is almost too hot to take Colton outside during the day. I try and get him out early in the morning, but even lately it has been in the 80s by 10:00. We go outside and play after dinner and by 30 minutes later, his little hair is stuck to head and soaking wet. He doe shave quite a nice little tan though. I keep SPF 50 on him if we are outside, but he is still got some little tan lines. Saturday was the Wild Blackberry Festival and I was looking forward to going and getting some blackberries. The blueberry festival was the weekend before last, but I prefer blackberries. Since this is Florida, we have blackberries growing wild everywhere. I used to be riding the horses and stop to pick some along the arena line and eat them right off the bush. Rattlesnakes seem to really like the bushes as well!!! We went to the tent to get some at the festival and they said that they would be there in about an hour. We thought that they would be coming from a local farm around here--NOPE--they came in a plastic container that you get at the grocery store and they were from CA. They literally were the brand that you get at Publix. I was very disappointed.

It will be a slow week for us this week compared to our busy last week. No appointments and nowhere that we plan on going. This Saturday we might go to Sams!! LOL


  1. Its really hot here in Texas and the humidity is what really stinks!!! I can't wait for summer to be over!

  2. I feel ya with the heat thing. Its so hot in TX. Its already in the 80's at 5am. Tyler does still manage to get about 15 min of outside time. The heat doesn't seem to bother him.

  3. Wow, we have been a little chilly here for Arizona, but I'm not complaining!

    What a disappointment about the berries! I hate rattlesnakes, I almost stepped on one twice in my life and both times I nearly jumped out of my skin. I hope you get some good fresh blackberries soon, that sounds so yummy!

  4. That is too bad about the blackberries. Nothing beats fresh fruit!

    I hope the heat lets up for you...



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