Friday, October 29, 2010

The boy is employed--

Given our current financial situation, I told Colton it was time he went out and got a job so he could start being the man of the house and bring in some money!! LOL No not really, but he does have a job now. I had done a photo shoot with my friend who is a professional photographer and she got some really good shots at the park. Well a modeling/talent agent contacted me and said that she was interested in representing Colton. So we took him to Jacksonville on Wednesday for her to meet him. He was his usual crazy self--running around the studio and whatnot, but he did engage with her and was not shy in the least. She has a little boy who is Colton's age so he understands the age. I just have to get a better head shot done of him so she can send it out when clients request talent his age and also so she can list him on her website. She really liked his look and commented that she told him that she really liked his hair cut (which according to my sister, who knows agents and Vivian does acting as well, means DO NOT CHANGE HIS HAIR!!) and she really liked his look. She commented on how pretty his eyes are!! So if Steve can't find a job, at least Colton may be able to bring a little something so that we can start a college fund or a savings account for him.

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  1. That's great! Looking forward to seeing the new head shot!



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