Friday, October 15, 2010

100th Post!!!!

This is my 100th post and really thought it would have come before now, but I guess I am really not that exciting that I have that much to write about!! LOL

We have busy weekend scheduled. Tomorrow there is a Fall Festival with face painting and a train for the kids to ride in. We went last year and Colton was by far the youngest riding the train. He sat up there like a big boy though. This year he is much more mobile and hopefully will still sit there. I am will probably get his face done too, again assuming he will sit there.

There is also the annual Humane Society Pet Show. They have a variety of classes to enter--everything from shortest tail, longest ears, cutest, ugliest, best trick to best costume. I used to dress my dogs and up take them each year. Poor Taylor has worn Halloween costumes every year for 10 years now. She has been everything from a bumblebee, complete with wings and antennae, to an Alabama cheerleader with pom-poms and a personalized jersey. Madison has had to endure dressing up as well. Her best is her princess outfit, complete with a princess hat and four little pink shoes!! Since Colton, my focus has of course shifted to him, which I am sure the dogs are VERY happy about. I don't think we will taking the dogs this year. We will just go and watch.

Also is the monthly horse show. Again I think we will just go watch this one too. The shows have become SO SMALL here in Live that it really is a waste of time and money to go. I went to the one in August so that Kim could get a shot of Colton exactly one year later from the last show when he rode leadline. She got some good shots, so now I can skip a few. It is not like either horse needs the practice. I have been showing Joker for 20 years!!!

Alabama plays Ole Miss this weekend and they BETTER redeem themselves from last weekend's embarrassment. Yes South Carolina is a good team, but we just didn't show up to play. Jones broke his hand and Ingram and Richardson hardly got any yardage at all. I have a feeling Saban had some harsh words for his boys after that game.

On Sunday, is Colton's contest. I can't wait to see him in his little tux. I know he will look so handsome. I was telling Kim that they didn't have any sort of photographer there last time and we all know that parents LOVE to have pictures of their kids, so she is going to come and set up in an empty store front to take pictures. I said "well you know you will at least get my money!!" I hope she does well since I suggested it. Steve asked me last night, "You aren't going to keep putting Colton in pageants are you?" I told him no that it was just something fun to do until he can get into more organized activities. I would say by the time he is three, we will be done. I would love to get him into modeling and have been contacting agencies. Problem is we live in such a small out-of-the-way town that there certainly is no work around here. I found a couple out of Jax, but only one handles kids his age. There are several in Orlando as well, which is only 2 hours away. But again, most don't handle kids his age. Those are all in LA and NY. We will see if anything comes out if it--probably not. The kid needs to start making some money and earning his keep!!

My dad got back from NY on Tuesday after being gone pretty much since June (he came home in July for a week I think). My mom of course keeps Colton everyday. Colton sees my dad and says "PAPA". He still doesn't say Grammy--kinda hurt her feelings I think LOL!!!

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