Friday, October 22, 2010

5? Friday

1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse? That depends. Neither one of us are really great cooks. Steve THINKS he can cook and I know that I have minimal skills.

2. How often do you talk to your mom? Oh about 5-10 times day LOL. I see her when I drop Colton off and then I randomly talk to her throughout the day, I see her at lunch and then when I pick Colton up.

3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or stick to the recipe? I always stick tothe recipe, unless it calls for beef, then I substitute chicken!!

4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe? Yes it is.

5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Bonus question: What will you be this year?) I don't dress up anymore. This year will be the same--Colton is going as a monkey and I am just going as his mom!!

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