Monday, October 4, 2010

Almost a week away from my boy---

I had to go to Athens, GA last Monday for a workshop so that meant 4 days away from Colton. I could have stayed over on Thursday night, but I wanted to drive home so I could be there when he woke up on Friday morning. He stayed with Grammy and they did all right together. She said he would say "Momma?" and look out the door, but never really cried or got upset. Steve would go by in the mornings to say "hey" and I know he ate a couple meals with them. I know you must be asking "well if Steve was home, why wasn't he watching Colton?" He was out on a couple interviews and in the 21 months that Colton has been around, he has only changed one diaper and that was a couple weeks ago. He has never given him a bath or put him to bed. I just figured it would be less stressful for Colton if he stayed with Grammy. Mom brought him home on Thursday night and put him to bed there so Friday morning when he woke up I went in and got him. He was so happy!!! He just kept saying "my momma" over and over.

He seems to be doing better lately. He has been playing with the triplets quite regularly and they seem to get along. Sometimes he plays a little rough with them, but I think that is just being a boy as opposed to being a little girl. We went to Addison's 2nd birthday party and he played very well with the kids there. He jumped in the bounce house and played on the slide. He even waited his turn. We may have turned a small corner in that aspect.

He definitely has his terrible two moments a little early. He is getting to where if he doesn't want to do something and you try and make him walk, he will lay on the floor and go limp. I just pick him up and then he gets mad and tries to pinch. Yesterday he got a hold of spray starch and sprayed it all over the cabinet. I went in there and said in a loud stern voice "Bad boy. We do not do that" and he broke down in huge tears and went and sat in his timeout spot. He is starting to get the concept when he does bad things--he just doesn't care yet!!

I thought he swallowed a marble on Friday. He got into the vase that has marbles and when I went to get him, he started running away. I caught him and asked him if he swallowed a marble and he said "yeah". He wasn't choking on it or anything. I called the pediatrician and they said to take him to the ER to get x-rays. I decided not to do that though. He wasn't "plugged up" so I think he just agreed with me.

I need to add his 21 month picture. I just don't have a good one right now. Next week he will be 22 months so I guess I should get one done before then!!

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  1. I bet it made your week coming home to that little boy!!! I know when I left Tyler it was so wonderful to see him



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