Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Getting ready
Posing in front of the scary sign.

He and Taylor doing some work before heading out.

Trying to get away so he can get started downtown.

Getting some "loot"
Taking a break--it was 85 degrees outside!

My little monkey man!!

Look mommy a big pumpkin

Showing the big pumpkins to Grammy

Even monkeys ride horses.
All in all we had a good time. It was very warm the last couple days--in the high 80s both days. The town decided to trick-or-treat on Saturday night, I guess since Sunday was a school night and a lot of people go to church on Sunday as well. Colton was very good. He didn't get scared too much by all the weird people and crazy costumes. The were THOUSANDS of people (literally) in Mom's neighborhood. They came in on flatbeds. We stayed out for about an hour and then I put Colton down at Mom's. He spent the night because I knew it woudl take FOREVER to get out of her neighborhood and he goes to bed at 7:30. Next year hopefully he will able to say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you". This year I got to say "cheese" which sounds like please at least!!


  1. Such a cute little monkey man:) Seems like you guys had some fun this Halloween! Ours was pretty fun too and we're still dealing with a bit of sugar rush:P Oh and I am now following you thanks to Weekend Wrap Up blog hop and i love meeting new people;) Also don't forget, if you need any help increasing your blog's traffic or easy blog tutorials, you know where to come!
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  2. Soooooo cute! And, um...85 degrees?!! Holy man, what's it like to not wear hats and mittens and coats with your costumes??? ;)

    Cute stuff!!

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