Monday, September 20, 2010

Good weekend

I know for me, weekends are almost always good--I don't have to get up early, I don't have to go to work, I can wear whatever I want, and I get to spend all day with my little man.

On Saturday, I had to take one of the horses to the vet to get his teeth looked at. His front teeth were a mess. One had broken years ago and the broken off piece was now coming out or the top of his gums. The tooth next to it wasn't wearing down like it should and was extremely long and was loose. So the vet pulled the piece out and then pulled the long tooth as well. Poor old guy looked like he had been a loser in a fight.

After we got back from the vet, we went to Tallahassee so we could go to my favorite clothes store for Colton (which didn't have a lot in his size this time) and then we went to Toys-R-Us so I could get Addison (Brenda's little girl who is two months older than Colton) a birthday present for her party this Saturday. I could literally spend 1000s in that store if I won the lottery.

Sunday after church and Colton's nap, he had a "photo shoot" with a professional photographer at the playground. I have known her for about 6 years now. She was our photographer for our wedding and then she also takes pictures at the horse shows. So she has seen the progression of my "life" so to speak--single, then married, then had Colton, and now he is almost two. She wanted to use him as a model for her business. I knew it was going to be hot at the playground so I put jeans on him thankfully because it was very hot. She must have taken 200 shots of him just playing and posing. At first, he just played and she got shots, then he realized that she had a camera and would pose and say "cheese" for her. I am sure out of those 200 shots, she probably got maybe 10 good ones. He was in constant motion, so by the time the shutter went off, he was gone!! She wants to get some more later this week on a dirt road with an old pedal car she has. I can't wait to see the shots!!

Steve has been out a friend's house helping him cut and bale his hay fields. He leaves at about 8 in the morning and he doesn't get home until 9:30 or 10 and he is FILTHY when he gets home. It is hard work and I think he really likes having something to do during the day. He was getting pretty bored and depressed not working and just sitting home all day. Hopefully something will pan out for him in the job department soon and it will relieve some of the stress not having two incomes has caused.

Colton was doing well playing with the "girls" but today they had to leave after a little while because he was getting to physical with them. I think he getting more used to playing with them and now is reverting back to his crazy self. Plus they are little girls and he is a "rough and tumble boy". Apparently no biting, but a little pinching and pushing occurred today. He has a cold and I think he is teething AGAIN (based on the amount of drool that is pouring from his mouth) so that may attribute to some of his bad behavior (or that is just me making an excuse for him LOL).

Also on Saturday he was climbing on my back and choking me and pulling my hair--ugh. I kept telling him "NO" and was trying to redirect him. Well he kept at it and I pushed him off and he bent backwards and hurt his knee or leg somewhere and he started crying. Well when he is really hurt and crying, he forgets to breathe and he turns blue and passes out. This time it lasted a little longer than the last two times he has passed out--I would 30-45 seconds this time. Usually you can blow in his face and he will catch his breath, but not this time. He turned blue and went completely limp, then he started breathing again and came back around and started crying again. It is a "family" thing I guess. My mom did it, I did it, one of my nieces did it, and now Colton does it as well. Usually we out grow it by about 2 1/2 years old. If he ever does it with Steve, he will FREAK OUT!!!

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