Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We leave tomorrow--

We will be off on our adventure tomorrow.  Today is going to dragggggggg so bad!!

Steve's brother went and picked their mom up and brought her up here last Saturday.  Steve took her back home yesterday.  She lives about 2.5 hours away.  As you may recall, he and his brother were raised in an abusive and alcohol fueled family.  I had been asking him for quite sometime now if he had any pictures from when they were little.  Just to compare because we have heard different "stories" about the boys.  His mom said that they were both HUGE babies, like over 10 pounds.  I tended not to believe her due to the fact that she was only 16 when Steve was born and she had no pre-natal care.  Well when he took her home, he finally got some photo albums and brought them back.  He was so cute when he was little!!!  And Landen, my nephew, looks EXACTLY like Jeff did when he was his age.  It almost looked like they could be twins.

I will post pictures of our Miami adventure when I get back next week.  Till then, have a great week!!!

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