Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy half birthday!!!

Today is Colton's half birthday.  He is officially two and a half now.  Hopefully this will be an important milestone in his little life.  Once again last night, he passed out.  This time in my arms though.  I had outgrown this by the time I was 2.5 so hopefully the same will be true for him.  We had just walked in the door and he was playing around and somehow tripped or something and hit his head against the side of the dry sink.  He immediately started doing his cry with no sound coming out.  I picked him up and tried blowing in his face to make him catch his breath, but to no avail--out he went.  He gets this really scary look on his little face and turns blue and has mini convulsions.  I just held him and talked to him and said "its ok.  Mommy has you."  After about a minute or so he starts to come around.  I think it scares him thought because he started crying again, normally this time.  I know that he will be fine and he will start breathing again, but it is still frightening to see your little boy blue and lifeless.  I worry about the effects of lack of oxygen has on his little developing brain.  He didn't break the skin or even have a bump on his head afterward and he is back to normal self about 10 to 15 minutes after all is said and done.


  1. The poor little sweetheart. I imagine it's very frightening for you. Hope he's okay now.

    CJ xx

  2. Happy half birthday Colton!

    How scary! I hope for your sake that he outgrows it soon.

  3. Poor Colton, that is no way to spend your half birthday. No more scaring Mommy!

  4. That must be such a helpless feeling. You sound like your getting good at keeping your fear down. He's so lucky to have you.

  5. Oh I hope he outgrows that real fast. That has to be scary. New follower here from Boost My Blog. I hope you will follow me back http://talesfrommyjournal.blogspot.com I can be found in facebook too http://www.facebook.com/DeniseMartin.LillaRose and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).



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