Monday, June 27, 2011

My computer got struck!!!

   Last night we had a wicked thunderstorm.  We definitely need the rain, but all at one time!!  It must have rained 3 inches in 20 minutes.  The power went off and I shut off everything.  Next thing I know I hear BOOM and it sounded like lightning hit the house.  I didn't see smoke though so I knew nothing was on fire.  We went over to Mom and Dad's and put Colton to bed there and we stayed there until 9:00 when our power finally came back on.  I went to check the computer this morning and NOTHING.  The modem is fried and so is the tower.  It will not power on at all.  The phone still works and the monitor and printer still work, but no go on the tower.  I will take it in tomorrow to see if anything can be salvaged off of it--mainly pictures and such.

     Our local radio station was advertising a contest to win a year's scholarship to   I entered Colton and now apparently he is a finalist.  I am supposed to bring Colton in tomorrow and meet with the director and look around.  It would be a great opportunity, but it has cons as well.  The school is about 17 miles from Mom's house and I am not sure if he would go all day or just half a day.  Also I am not sure that he is ready to go to school all day at not quite three years old.  Another thing I thought of was that he would have to give up his spot at the school he is in now.  This scholarship is only for a year so next year, he would need to go somewhere else.  With his birthday in December, he would have to go to private school for kindergarten and first grade if we didn't hold him back until he was 5, almost 6, to start school.  Also I am not sure how he would do with such a structured atmosphere.  We will see how it goes tomorrow and even though we meet, he may not get chosen.

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