Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My poor boy---

     Yesterday was a repeat of the last couple afternoons--Colton was running a fever.  It seems so weird that he only has a fever in the evenings.  When I got him home, he was once again complaining that he was hot and I can tell just by touching him that is very warm.  I took his temperature and it was 103.  He didn't want to eat, not even his favorite ham, all he wanted to do was sit in his chair and watch a dump truck video.  He was VERY pathetic and can't cry and saying "momma hot".  After I ate and cleaned up the kitchen, I picked him and he was still burning up.  His temp was 102 and all he wanted was just to lay in my lap.  I sat down on the couch and he laid on me and was about to fall asleep at 6:30.  I took him in his room and he didn't a bath or even to read stories.  I put his PJs on, gave him some Advil and rocked him for about 5 minutes and he was sound asleep by 6:55.  I didn't hear a peep out of him until this morning.

   He had his 2.5 year old check up scheduled for this morning so I thought I would ask about it while we were in there.  I did notice that he had a rash on his chest and belly, but it looks more like a contact rash than anything else.  He had a little in his groin area as well.  I think it may have been from his diaper though.  I think I may have gotten his diaper too tight on him.  When his temp was taken at the doctor, it was only 98.9 and he was acting like his normal little self.  The ARNP was so concerned with his rash, but she was concerned with his fever.  She sent us over to the hospital for some bloodwork.  He was such a brave little guy. When they inserted the needle, he did start to cry but he held real still and his crying kinda tapered off.  The nurse doing the blood draw was really good with him.  She gave him a sticker and when she wrapped his arm, she drew a smiley face and wrote "good job" on his bandage.  There was a man outside in the waiting area and he gave him a dollar for being so brave!! LOL  We go back in on Friday afternoon to go over what the blood results are.  I am hoping it is nothing serious OF COURSE.  I just get concerned with the not knowing and all the "what it could be's".

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