Friday, June 10, 2011

Good grief--

     I take Colton in this afternoon for the results of his bloodwork.  He was fever free yesterday, but now he does a cough--not really a wet cough, more of a dry cough.  He woke up about 12:00 this morning coughing and waited to see if he would settle back down.  He wasn't crying or calling out for, just coughing, and not a constant cough.  By about 12:30 he was still hacking so I went in to give him some honey syrup.  He took it and laid back down.  Every time he coughed, his binky would shoot out and he would grab it and put it back.  He coughed a couple more times and then he quieted right down.  I heard him again about 6:00 coughing again though.  I guess the honey syrup doesn't last longer than about 6 hours. I really don't want to give him regular cough syrup though.  I also REALLY don't want to be woken up at 6:00 tomorrow when we can actually sleep in a little.

      Last night he really wasn't hungry at dinnertime so he was playing with his food and trying to get attention.  He slung is food on the floor and I took him to go to time-out.  He protested and when I was trying to hold him, he tried to bite me--not hard but still put his teeth on me.  I popped his leg and he started crying.  Well we know what happens when he cries these days--out he went.  I laid him on his side and he had his little mini convulsions and went pale.  After about a minute, he came back around and started with his "momma hot".  I think it freaks him out when he passes out and then comes back to.  He was fine and went outside to play.  He wanted to go to look at our neighbor's fish pond so we walked over there.  Our neighbor was out and we were talking to him while Colton played in the sprinklers he had going.  He was running from one to another.  Well they were across the driveway from one another, the driveway being rocks.  Splat goes Colton across the rocks.  He gets up and starts crying and runs over to me, making no sound yet again.  He gets to where Tom and I are standing and down he goes--twitching and stiffening and looking like he is drying.  I lay him on his side and pat his back and stays out for a minute or two and slowly comes back around.  Tom has a freaked out look on his face and I say "he is fine.  Just give him a minute."  He comes back around and starts crying and wants me to hold him and longer wants to play in the sprinklers.  THIS IS TWICE IN 30 MINUTES.  I told Mom that she needs to warn his teacher at school that this is becoming more of a common occurrence and what to in case it happens.  I sure he grows out of this soon.

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  1. You're so strong to watch that each time. I'd be scared all the time! My Colton had blocked tear ducts and he couldn't blink away the tears. He always looked like he was crying. People would say " ohhh, your son is crying". I'd roll my eyes and say - no, he's fine. They must have thought I was horrible!



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