Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Only two days---

   We leave for Miami in two days.  We plan on leaving and getting down to Orlando at about lunch time.  Hopefully Colton will just watch movies and read some books until lunch and the he will take a good nap.  We don't want to hit Miami at 5:00 so we have to leave here about 9:00.  It should take us about 7 hours to get there.

  I had to go to the post office today so I took off a little early before lunch.  The last couple days when I tell he has school, he says "Momma up"  (as in momma come pick me up).  I always say "no Grammy picks you up.  Mommy is at work."  Well since I took off a little early, I went to pick him up and surprise him.  They had just gotten back from the playground and picnic at the park and he was in the bathroom.  When he came back out to line up, one of the helpers said "Colton's mommy is here to pick him up."  His head spun around and he saw me and came running down the hall and said "Momma up" and I said "yep I surprised you and picked you up."  When we got back to Grammy's house, we went across the street to see the neighbors, who LOVE Colton, and he even told them "Momma up."  It was cute!!

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