Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend wrap-up

It really was not too exciting of a weekend really--
  • Saturday morning woke up and went to Mom's and took a long bike ride. Hit a couple yard sales going on around town. Rode to the park so Colton could run some energy off. Came home and pulled out the bounce house to access the damage and try and repair it. We ducked taped over all the holes that we could see on the base. I attached the motor and up she went. Colton's eyes got big and jumping he went!! Once it was inflated, we could see some other holes and patched those as well. It held the air and Colton played in for a good 30 minutes, so I guess it is good to go now--it just looks ghetto with silver duck tape all over it!! Colton went in and took his nap while I got dressed and ready for Landen's birthday party. Once he woke up, he was a crazy little boy. He was being VERY NAUGHTY. I almost said forget we aren't going to his party because he was going to be too wild. Once we got there, he wasn't too bad. He got a lot of compliments on his clothes and how he looks like a little boy instead of a baby. He got a little carried away with the Thomas the Train balloon, but after a little talking to, he calmed back down. Ali had grapes set out and think Colton ate his weight in grapes. He played nicely with the other kids there and even shared nicely. To be an only child, he shares extremely well, which surprises me. We ate a turkey sandwich (they had hot dogs and we don't eat them so Ali made us turkey sandwiches) and some cake and headed home. Colton went right to bed and Steve and I watched the Alabama game.
  • Sunday started out good. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we got ready for church. About halfway through the service, Kay, one of the nursery workers came in and tapped me on the shoulder and said Colton had cut his lip and I needed to come see about him. She fusses over him and is always worried he is going to get hurt. She was apologizing the whole way back there. I said "don't worry about it. He is a little boy and he gets hurt." When I got in there, he was still crying and had blood coming out of his mouth (it was actually mixed with spit and tears). He had fallen over the basketball shooting toy trying to get a basketball and cut the part of your lip right above your front teeth. Miss Debbie had washed it out and was trying to put ice on it. It was pretty swollen by the time I got there. I held him and comforted him and he calmed down. I gave him his binky and that helped too. Once he had stopped crying, I put him down and he ran around like nothing had happened. When I took him back inside to get blessed, every one was concerned that something bad had happened since Kay had to come and get me. We went on a long walk when we got home and then after his nap, we went and got ice cream and went to the big playground. He was so funny--he would be digging in the dirt or running around and then he would come over, get a spoonful of ice cream and run back off!!! LOL


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