Monday, November 29, 2010

Will he ever talk???

That is the question I have been asking every day for MONTHS now. For almost a year now, I have worried that he isn't saying enough. I waited until he was 18 months old since everyone said "Give him time. Boys talk slower that girls." I had him evaluated at by EI and they said he was extremely smart but yes, he did need to be saying some words but he was not far enough behind to get therapy. At that time, he probably said 10 or 12 words. Now 6 months later and a week shy of his 2nd birthday, he MAYBE says 15. All he does is either agree with my saying "uh-uh" or he says "no". You ask if he wants milk, he says "uh-huh", but he will NOT ask for it. You ask if he wants a cookie or fruit snacks and he says "uh-huh"--WELL WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT? I am getting more and more frustrated. I am sure he is frustrated as well. I think some of his pinching lately is DEFINITELY due to lack of being able to communicate. I know you are not supposed to "compare" kids to one another, but I am constantly doing so. My nephew, who is 1 month older than Colton, talks in two or three word sentences. He repeats what you say and talks up a storm. I see other kids his age at the park an out places and he is so far behind them. I called EI and spoke with the lady that came out in June and she said that he sounds like he will qualify for speech therapy this time, but to wait until January to call and have them come back out. They have a much "harder" test for age 24-36 months. I feel like such a failure. Like something I did or didn't do, caused this. Everyone says "my son didn't talk as early as my girl" or "my son just started talking on day about 22 month sor 23 months. They had a vocabulary explosion." No explosion here. As I said, we are trying to potty train. How I am supposed to know if he has to go potty if he doesn't even say "pee" or "poop" or even "potty"? I feel like we have made almost no "improvements" since he was a year to 15 months old. His birthday is next week and I feel like it is his year old birthday all over again.


  1. I know it's hard but try not to get too frustrated. It sounds like you are doing all the right things to help him along. Sometimes kids just do things at their own pace. I have heard that they usually work on one thing at a time. Maybe he's busy learning to potty train and not concentrating his energy one learning to speak?

    I think it's a good idea to have him evaluated. It sounds to me like he's a little behind in the speech department but he very far ahead of my boys in the potty training. So, I wouldn't be too worried. Have you had his hearing checked? My cousin's sons both were very slow to speak and they eventually found out it was due to a problem with their hearing. I would talk to his pediatrician at his next appointment.

    Hang in there! You are doing an amazing job with him so don't you feel like a failure for a second!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, my son is 3 and he has yet to say a single word. He is completely non-verbal and communicates with screaming and pictures. My 13 month old daughter is more developmentally advanced than he is. He at least has his foot in the door when it comes to talking. Just keep working with it. Have you though about starting speech therapy with him?

  3. DS is now almost 26 months and is finally talking/saying more. DS knew a lot of words but would never really use them except for a few. All the sudden it seems like a switch went on and all these words a pouring out. He still isn't saying complete sentences yet but is getting much better about saying what he wants. At our 2 year appointment I talked to the our pedi about it and she told us to wait until he's two and half to see what happens before doing anything. So I would just suggest to talk to you pedi about it and go from there.

  4. We are in speech with my 24 month old (he has been in therapy since he came home from the hospital).

    We are now in extensive ST, which is a lot of repeating. If he wants say candy, he either has to say candy or sign candy. If he wants more of whatever item he has to say or sign more before he gets it. We focus on one or two words a week, simple things that he knows, such as mommy, daddy, cat, dog, etc.

    We have a jar, that we cut a slit in, and bought canning jar lids. The original purpose was to help with fine motor skills. We now have pictures of items he knows, such as cat, dog, ball, phone and pictures of his siblings. Before he can put the lid into the jar he has to find whatever lid has the picture of what you're asking for.

    I guess the whole point is, you have to do a lot of repeating, and work it into games. We do a lot of reading, signing, and animal sounds around here.

    I hope this helps. Oh and the reason for his delay (besides being a preemie) he had pressure in his ears, which was muffling all the sounds. After 4 or 5 rounds of antibiotics we went with tubes, and it was then that he finally started to "catch up" but even at 24 months he is still the level of a 14 month old in speech.

  5. My 1st son talked way better than my 2nd son. My 2nd son is 21 months and totally has his own language. Can say some words,but are not clear to most people. I treated them exactly the same way. all Kids grow up differently. So do not blame yourself.

  6. Hi. I'm sorry things are going slow. Maybe you can google an on-line chat room. Maybe you can reach out and get some support? I've only been in a few chat rooms, but some people seem really genuine. Prayers for Colton.

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