Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday already

Saturday we went to my nephew's 1st birthday party. Colton had a good time (I guess!!LOL). He played nicely with the other babies there. They all converged on the same toy--an airplane ride-on toy with Elmo on it. There were no tears shed though. Steve's mom and step-dad were there. That was interesting. Steve had gone out of town for the day with my dad, so he wasn't there. That was probably a good thing!! There is a lot of history there and it was better for everyone there that he missed the party. Colton's party is in a little less than three weeks--YIKES!!! We are going to Tallahassee this weekend so I will pick up some party supplies there. It is not going to be a large party--some family members and some friends. We don't know that many people and I wanted to keep it small and somewhat under control. We are having it late in the afternoon so he can get his full nap in and be a hospitable host. Steve's mom said something about coming up again in a couple weeks. I hadn't planned on inviting to his party. Honestly I don't want my son's first birthday party ruined by family drama.

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