Monday, November 9, 2009

Good weekend

We had a good weekend. On Saturday we went to my SIL church for "Old Timey Day". They serve all kinds of homemade food like sausage, lima beans, sugar cane taffy, funnel cakes, hoecakes and biscuits. Colton got to see his cousin Landen--who will be a year old tomorrow. They are a little less than a month apart and eventaully will be good friends. Right now Colton still intimates him I think because Colton is still so physical. He got to practice his walking while we were there. He is getting better and better everyday--and more brave. He has taken several trips across the living room and kitchen. I was getting his clothes ready for today and I see his little head go by the spare bed in his room. It was so cute. On Saturday afternoon, we watched the Bama game--ROLL TIDE--thankfully they won so now we play Florida for the SEC title and chance to go to the National Championship game. I am working with Colton to teach him to say "Roll Tide" and throw his hands up for a touchdown. Maybe by next season LOL.
Sunday the weather was so nice that after church and lunch, we went on a nice long "hike" along the Suwannee. On good thing about living in FL is the weather this time of year. Obviously it was too stumpy and rough to take his stroller so I put him in my front carrier. He looks so silly in there now because his little legs are dangling and come down almost to my knees already. He still likes to "ride" in it though. He is quick to point and say "bird" at any movement and the trees. Then we sat on the porch swing overlooking the river and swung for awhile. He really liked that. He started crying when I got him off and then when I put him down, he went back over to it and started pushing it himself. It was a nice day.
With this hurricane approaching us, I am not too sure of how much weather we will get. Hopefully just some much needed rain and not too much wind. I have Wednesday off since it is Veterans Day (and Steve and Taylor's birthdays!) so it will nice to be off in the middle of the week.

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