Monday, November 2, 2009

This weekend

Seeing as we live out, I took Colton over to Mom's for Halloween. We had been warned that in her neighborhood, there would be masses of kids. We spent the day putting up stakes and "CAUTION" tape to keep people from driving and/or parking on her grass and to keep people from traipsing all through the yard. We sat down to eat at 6:00 (which was when the trick-or-treating was supposed to officially begin) and by 6:15 I could see droves of kids coming down the road. We had just finished eating so I got Colton in his costume and as we were walking out the door, there was probably 100 kids outside. Dad was at a race, so that left no one at home to pass out candy. We took Colton around in his costume and his car to mainly people in the neighborhood that we know well. He didn't take much candy--he isn't going to be eating it anyway and it seemed stupid to take a baby begging for candy!! LOL. He mainly just went up and said "hi" and waved at people. He was a big hit in his costume. We got back home about 7:00 and I changed him into his PJs and took him home. Thankfully once we got home, he went right to sleep.
With the time change on Sunday morning, what usually was 7:30 was now 6:30. He didn't know that it was really earlier, so his little system thought it was 7:30 and he was ready to get up. The entire day, his schedule was screwed up. His late morning nap after church went all right, but for some reason his nap in the afternoon went bad. Normally he goes down at 1:00 and sleeps until 3:00. Yesterday I put him down about 1:15 and he cried and fussed, which he hardly ever does. He quit fussing and I could hear him playing and then fuss again. Finally about 1:50 he quieted down and then at 2:20 he was up crying again. I went in and got him up and of course he was a "fussypottomas" the rest of the day. I took him to the park and that helped. At dinner he was rubbing his eyes and acting sleepy. He made it until his normal bedtime at 7:30 and went right to sleep. I think his bottom teeth are also bothering him. The top ones didn't seem to be much of a problem, but the bottom ones feel sharper to me for some reason--more pointy on the tops.

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