Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wild Adventures yet again

Since we have season passes, we headed back to Wild Adventures yet again yesterday.  There was no chance of rain and a very sunny day was in the forecast.  Christina, Adam, Sohpie, Annabelle and Emma met us there.  Of course Colton had a great time riding the roller coasters.  He gets a smile on his face and it never leaves.  I taught him how to hold his hands up on the roller coaster and he was "weeee" the entire time. Of course I don't have many pictures.  Usually I am riding with him.

                                                                          Action shot
                                                                    Colton and Emma
                                                             Riding in the tiger with Sophie

                                        Me and Colton with the "baby dino" as he insists it is called


  1. Hi! I'm following you from B.M.B.F!
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