Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend not as planned--

     Started out on Friday night with a call from Kim saying that she was rescheduling the photoshoot for the 29th of May.  We will be in Orlando that weekend so I told her I couldn't do it then.  I was very disappointed because I really was excited about getting his pictures done again and I have finally figured out what he was going to wear!!

      When I went in on Saturday morning to get Colton up, there was vomit ALL OVER THE PLACE--it was on his sheets, on his pillow, on his stuffed animals and in his hair.  I never heard him call out to me during the night.  He was acting perfectly fine though.  I got him and cleaned him up and stripped his bed.  I noticed he had a weird rash on his chest though.  It wasn't anywhere else, just his upper torso and it wasn't itching him or anything.  It seemed to have little heads on the tiny bumps.  He didn't really eat anything for breakfast or lunch but was running around like he was feeling fine.  He took him nap and played outside and didn't really eat dinner either.

    Sunday morning he was fine as well.  The rash was slowly fading and he didn't have a fever.  He still wasn't very interested in eating.  We went to church and played outside most of the day.  For dinner all he ate was a few french fries and a couple shrimp.  This morning he woke up dry and when I was taking him to the potty he said he had to poop (which is uncharacteristic first thing in the morning) and he sat on the potty and went.  I got him dressed and was about to walk out the door and he said he had to poop again.  At first I thought he didn't really need to, he just wanted another treat to take to Grammy's.  I asked him, "you need to go poop again" and he said yes so I took him back in there and (TMI ALERT) it was like water pouring out it was so loose.  I kept him in his underwear but I sent along a pull-up to Grammy's just in case she wanted to put that on him for when he goes to school.

   Hopefully he is fine and something just got him stomach upset and now it has passed.



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