Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hump day---

Well we made it to Wednesday.  This week has been slow compared to previous weeks.  Everyone is on the mend and feeling better.  Although Colton did wake up this morning with a goopy eye.  He had greenish-tan goop all over his eyelashes on one eye.  His eye didn't look red, but sure did not want me to get the goop off.  Mom said she thought that pink eye may be going around school, but hopefully it is not that.

I signed up for the Florida Pre-Paid college fund last night.  As it is right now by the time he goes to college, we will have put almost 22,000 into his college fund.  Who knows how much college will be by the year 2026, so I thought it was a good plan to lock in the current price.  Hopefully he can still gets a scholarship, but this will certainly help.  He can also use it if he plans to go to school out of state.  The difference just has to be made up.  Now he just has to make it out of preschool LOL. 

He has been doing better at school.  I do think it is helping him socialize and relate to other kids.  Ms. Tanya said that she makes him use his words and that he can say "please" and "thank you".  I haven't heard "please" yet, but I have heard him say "thank you".  When we were at the birthday party last weekend I could see a little change in how he relates to the other kids.

I thought it was a cute picture of Colton and Annabelle (his favorite triplet).  Her mom said "do you think this is foreshadowing the future?"  I said yeah, him chasing after her and her running!!  Who knows, usually it is the little girls running after the little boys.  Maybe I can show this to them in 14 years and say"see I knew you I would end up together"

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