Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The sickness that will just not got away--

Colton has still been not feeling so well.  Friday he had a slight fever (101 degrees) and by lunch time, he was "melting."  He and Mom met me to go out to lunch and he he was just not himself.  He was cranky and just wanted me to hold him and he about fell asleep in my lap.  Mom took him home and he took his nap, but only slept for about hour.  By the time I picked him up, he had gotten worse.  He cried and only wanted me hold him.  I sat on the couch and held him and he fell asleep on me at 6:30, so I put him down.  He slept until 7:30 on Saturday morning and still was feeling puny.  I gave him some Advil and that seemed to help.  He just didn't have a great weekend.  Much of the same for Sunday.  His Valentine party was on Monday so I gave him more Advil and he got to go to school.  By 10:30 they called and said his temperature was back up to 100.5, so Mom had to go get him.  All this time my cold is getting better and now Mom is getting sicker. 

I took yesterday off to give her a chance to rest and relax and I took Colton to the doctor.  I really didn't want to take him and have to put him on antibiotics, but I noticed he was not peeing very well either and complained that his back hurt, so I thought he could have a kidney infection.  Turns out he has a double ear infection to go along with his cold.  She said from all the congestion, it backed up in his ears.  So he is on Zyrtec for the congestion and Augmentin for the infection.  He never really complained of his ears hurting.  His mattress had to be elevated at the head to help with the drainage and I am still using the Vicks humidifier with Vapor Rub on his chest as well.  He slept well last night.  He just woke up once, but settled himself back down within a minute or two.  The past couple nights, he had woken up and I had to go in and give him more Tylenol/Advil.

Hopefully now he is on the mend, Mom is on the mend and we can finally shake this nasty bug that seems to be getting to everyone--not just in our family but it seems that there are sick people everywhere!!!


  1. Today is my second day home, Austin had it last week and now I have it. I hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Oh No. It's aweful to go through that. eek.

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