Monday, January 31, 2011

What a week

Colton so very nicely gave me his sickness last week.  I had a cough and congestion followed by a running nose--constantly!!  I really didn't feel much like doing anything.  As the week progressed, we both got better.  I still have a little remnant of the stuff, but feeling much better.  Colton only had his cough medicine a couple times at night and by Wednesday no longer needed it.

Saturday he went to the barber shop and cut his hair cut.  He is so good while Don cuts his hair.  He just sits up there like a little man and looks like one after it is done.  After that we went on a LONG bike ride--probably 10 miles or so and played outside almost the rest of the day.  It was 70 degrees or so all weekend.

Yesterday we went to church and then to Sonny's.  Steve wanted all you can eat chicken (as if he doesn't get enough chicken at home LOL).  Got home and almost immediately got back in the car and drove back to Lake City for Sophie, Emma and Annabelle's 2nd birthday party.  Since the party started at 2, which is right in the middle of nap time, Colton fell asleep about 5 minutes after we got out of the driveway, which was GREAT.  He got to sleep about 45 minutes and once we got there, he had at least gotten a little rest.  He was very good at the party and played nicely with all the kids.  He tried hugging one little boy, who didn't like it and went running away.  He ate WAY TOO MUCH candy.  They had candy in jars for people to make little goodies bags and Colton kept going over and grabbing handfuls of M&Ms.  He probably ate more candy in 30 minutes than he has had in his entire life!!  He had a cupcake with cotton candy on top as well.

I stopped off at Wal-Mart on way home to pick up a few things and thought I would get a trim while I was there.  And a TRIM I got--like 5 inches off and I don't even think it is even!!  I was not happy.  I have somewhat wavy hair and when it is this short, it is even wavier so it masks the unevenness a little.

I figured bedtime would not go so well since he was hyped up on candy and over-stimulated.  I put him down at his normal time, but he sang and played in his bed until about 8:00 or so.  He really didn't want to get up this morning.  That 30 minutes of sleep makes a big difference.

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  1. Tyler is so good when he gets his hair cut too. I think its the only time the boy sits still for 10 min. Colton looks so cute with his hair freshly cut.



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