Monday, February 28, 2011

Only my boy---

     We were outside eating lunch (since it is in the 80s here and gorgeous) and I asked Colton if he needed to go pee.  He said no, but was running around holding himself.  I said "why don't you trying peeing on this brick?"  He said ok so he proceeded to try and pee on the brick--with not much success since he didn't really pee at all.  He went back to playing on his workbench and about 10 minutes later started saying "OHHHH" and running back over to the brick (this was the first time I have ever used the brick as encouragement, it is not like we make it a rule to pee on things in the yard!! LOL)  I helped him get his shorts unsnapped and he proceeded to poop and pee on the brick.  He started crying and I said "Don't cry.  You did a good job by letting me know you had to go.  GOOD BOY!!" I cleaned him up and gave him 5 mini M&Ms and he was happy as a clam!!

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