Monday, March 22, 2010

Traumatic day

When Colton was in for his 15 month appointment, they gave me his lab paperwork to go have his iron and lead test done. I didn't feel like taking him to the hospital and having to wait who knows how long, so I put it off until Saturday when I figured there would be less people there waiting. So bright and early, we showed up and got taken right back. I had heard that it was a toe prick and three drops of blood in the capillary tubes and you were done. NOT AT THIS LAB. The girl first got out the tourniquet to raise up his veins. Of course that started the waterworks. I had to hold him still while she about squeezed his little arm off. Then pulls out the needle to insert in his tiny vein. I give blood about every three months, so the sight of needles doesn't bother me, but being inserted into my little man is a different story. To her credit, she was very good with him and got it in the vein on the first stick. More screaming ensued. She filled up the first tube (looked like a lot of blood to me and I am not quite sure why she needed so much) but when she was trying transfer the needle tubing to fill up the second tube, he squirmed and the needle moved so no more blood from that side. So now we have to repeat the process on the other side. Just the sight of the tourniquet now freaked him out (can't say I blame the little guy) and more crying starts. Again needle in vein and blood starts flowing. He has about had it by the time the blood tube is filled. I had given him his binky, but even that wasn't helping. When she got done he was sporting two cotton balls and tape and was not in the best mood!! Luckily I had put a short sleeved shirt and a long sleeved shirt on him that morning so I could cover up the boo-boos and he couldn't see them.
We went to the Azalea Festival and then we were going to try and go to the park, but he conked out in the stroller by noon. Thankfully I had fed him lunch early. After his nap we went to the barn and then we took him to the playground. It is a really nice playground with soft sand and plenty of swings and slides. He played with some kids there (well he actually kept "hugging" them and trying to attack) and was pretty worn out by the time we left.
When it was time for his bath, I took off his cotton and tape and he had two big ole bruises on his arms. I tried to take pictures, but they didn't really come out. I felt bad for him and kissed his little arms before he went to bed. Since it was still a little cool in the morning, he wore a long sleeved shirt to church so his bruises were covered up at least.
Anyone else have this type of test done for their lead and iron test? Some people I have talked to said all their kids got was just a toe prick.


  1. Oh no, poor little guy! Leah actually has to get hers done today, but hopefully it's not as bad. I'm taking her to the health dept. instead of her doctor so she won't have to get blood drawn through a vein. They just do the prick there.

    Luckily they recover from that sort of stuff rather quickly! Although the next time they try to draw blood he will probably put up a fight...

  2. My DD Gracee had this done at 12 months! It was horrible they had a hard time getting a vein and stuck both of her arms numerous times. With my son all they did was prick his finger so this was all new to me.

    Hopefully his little arms are all better now!

  3. Noah just had a finger prick! I feel so badly for Colton. I have never heard of them having to actually do the vein draw for this test. :( I'm sure it was harder for mommy than it was for Colton though.

  4. Wow Tyler just had a finger prick. Poor little guy.

  5. Poor little man! Thankfully the boys have not had these tests done. What a trooper he was... a brave little man!



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