Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mommy moment

Yesterday was I took the morning off work because I needed to take one of our cars in for an alignment and also so I could go with Mom to MOPS. They were having a clothing swap and I had two plastic bins FULL of clothes, so I said I would go and help her take everything in and get it all sorted out. I had never been to one of the meetings so no one knew who I was. My sister-in-law decided to go as well. It was her first time too.

We went to drop the kids off in the nursery. As you might recall, Colton has been having his biting issues, which seem to be getting a little better. He did bite some kid named Jonathan at a previous MOPS meeting. Well they give you pagers in case your little one needs you or if the ladies need to get you. Colton has been going to MOPS since October of last year I think (can't really remember when he started) and we have never needed a pager. Well this RUDE woman, who is the only paid person and only in charge of taking the kids in to the nursery area, is giving Ali a pager since it is Landen's first time being left with someone other than her mom. She goes to hand Mom one for Colton and Mom says "Oh we don't need a pager. He is fine being left." And the lady says "Yes you do, since we have so much trouble with him biting" in a very pissy and rude tone. There are other moms around at the time and remember she does not know who I am. She kept going on about his biting )I can't recall all of her exact words) and when Mom said that they needed to watch Landen as well (he is a biter too so I blame my husband's side of the family for this one!!), the lady went off again on Colton and how bad he was. Now I know he is by far not a perfect child and he has issues, BUT COME ON. Well about that time, I had enough and said " DO YOU WANT ME TO GO GET HIM?" She looked quite shocked and a little embarrassed and said simply "No." I thought that she was extremely rude. One--there is a tactful way to say things and she had NONE. Two--there were other people around and she doesn't need to be "trashing" my kid in front of everyone. I quickly walked out and went to the car to get the containers. My mom and Ali came out to help and my mom said "I thought you were going to hit her!!" Granted I would never do that, but I did get that hot face and blood boiling feeling. Ali even agreed that she was was rude.

When we got into the meeting, Mom was telling the lady who runs MOPS about it and Ms. Scott apologized and said that the woman didn't interact with the kids, she only was there for "in-take." She said that she would talk to her. It still makes me mad just thinking about it!! I don't think I overreacted did I? Seems everyone knows that rule that you don't insult someone's kid on front of them. When I went to pick him up, she didn't say a word to me. He had a bump and abrasion on his head that I have no idea how he got and she didn't tell me either. He probably ran into something outside I guess. It didn't seem to be bothering him.

So what are your thoughts on the situation?


  1. You kept your mouth shut for a lot longer than I would have. He is a TODDLER!! They are not perfect little angels. I am sure the biting is annoying but its a phase and you are dealing with it. Colton is fine and he is just like most other boys. I know Tyler is far from perfect and he definitely has his moments. I think you are a GREAT Mommy!!! And really its only my opinion that matters:) LOL

  2. I'm surprised they even keep her employed there!! That is definitely not any way to speak to a parent about such a sensitive issue.

    I've been on both sides of the kids have been the biters and they have also been the ones who have been bitten by others. You feel bad either way. Thankfully, it's a temporary stage. And instead of being so judgemental about Colton's biting, she could've handled it better, maybe even asking you for suggestions on how to handle it.

    You handled the situation better than I would have! And you had every reason to be as upset as you were!



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