Monday, March 8, 2010

15 month check-up

The weekend was nice here. It was pretty cold in the mornings, but it warmed up to almost 70 or a little higher each day. We went to the barn and we played outside as much as possible. I really like my bike cart so of course we went bike riding both days. We ride to the playground, which is about a mile away. They have baby swings, a merry-go-round and of course slides--which are Colton's favorite. He has learned to climb up the steps and walk over to the slide. We just have to remind him to sit down!! Most of the time remembers and doesn't walk right off the platform. He is so funny going down the big slides though. He has NO FEAR and will just slide right down the tallest slide there.

I meant to take his picture after church Sunday. I had him dressed so cute if I say so myself. I love buying him clothes and dressing him. He had on a red plaid Chaps button down shirt, black cords, his little braided brown belt and his black dress shoes. He looked pretty sharp!! He looked like a little man. The nursery lady said he dresses the cutest of any little boy she has ever seen! :O) He will have to stay in nursery I think from now on throughout the entire service. He was just too "vocal" on Sunday. He wasn't crying, he was just babbling. I usually go get him right before communion and Father Don blesses him, but I think he will have to skip that for a few months until he can understand what "you have to be quiet" means. Everyone loves seeing him and it doesn't bother anyone that he talks, but I think it might be best.

Today was Colton 15 month check-up. He weighed 23 pounds, which means he gained a pound and a half since his 12 month check-up, and he is 31.5 inches tall, so he grew an inch and a half in three months. He is getting 4 more teeth. I knew that he was getting his "canine" teeth, but when Colleen came in and was examining him she said "his gums are swollen so he is teething." I said "yeah his incisors" and she she said "well those and his bottom molars are coming in on both sides and his gums are really swollen back there." I never even noticed that. Of course I try and keep my fingers far from his mouth these days!! LOL They haven't caused too much trouble. Luckily (knock on wood) his teeth don't seem to bother him too much. He might get a little of a runny nose, but I haven't noticed too much fussiness or sleeplessness. It was a good appointment. She gave the lab order for his lead and iron test, but I had to get back to work so that will have to wait until I can spend 2 hours or so at the hospital waiting :O(



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