Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to the grind

The weekend was great. We got out and did some good bike riding and went to the park. Sunday went good. I set the alarm for 7:00 to make sure we would be up and ready for church at 9:00. It was hard getting up knowing that only yesterday, it was 6:00. Got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and when he got home, we played some outside and we ate lunch at noon. I figured his afternoon nap might be a little tricky since his little body still thought it was 12:00 and not his usual nap time of 1:00. He went right down and slept until 2:30. That night I put some heavy brown paper up on his window to try and filter out the light since I knew it would still be light out at 7:00 when he was getting ready for bed. Again he went down like a champ and I had to wake him up on Monday to get him ready. I love it when he is still asleep and I get to wake him up. He looks to peacefully and angelic when he is sleeping. I know that is the line a lot of parents use for their kids because once he is up---lookout!!
My good friend is pregnant again, which is great and I am very happy for her. She got pregnant in 2007, but the baby, who they named Grace, had Turner's Syndrome and some fluid around her heart as well. She carried her until she was 24 weeks I believe and the baby died in utero. She still had to deliver her and they had a funeral for her as well. That casket was the small casket I have ever seen. That was in June. By mid-September they were ready to try again and she got pregnant again, but the baby didn't develop past six weeks and she had to have a D&C. Once again the waited a few months to heal both physically and emotionally and she got pregnant early January. This time everything went well and little Addison was born three weeks early the end of September so she is 2 months and 1 week older than Colton. We joke and say they will grow up and marry each other since they have been friends since before they were even born!! As of today, she is 8 weeks along and everything looks good for her and her little "guppy" (her last name is Bass so we had nicknamed her baby guppy last time). I must say I felt a little twinge of jealousy--for about 2 seconds--since I decided that we are members of the "one and done" club. Colton is great and I wouldn't trade him for the world, but I just can't imagine having another one. Financially, yeah we could probably swing it if we tightened WAY DOWN on our needless spending. Also the kids would have to share a room, which would be no big deal I guess. Just a little adjustment on everyone's part. But why? We are happy that we got our little man on the first try. Had he been a girl, maybe, but probably not. Let's face, neither one of us is getting any younger and neither is our "babysitter" (sorry Mom but you know it is true!!!) I certainly couldn't quit work and I really just don't like the idea of having to put them in daycare (nothing against those who do. There are certainly great day cares and great people that work there. For me personally, I didn't want to go that route and THANKFULLY my parents MOVED to the same town as me so that she could keep Colton--regret that decision yet Mom???) Hopefully he won't miss out on anything by not having any siblings. That thought has definitely crossed my mind. And I don't want him to grow up overindulged either. I must say he is spoiled. He wears nice clothes and has WAY TOO MANY toys. Of course he is still too young to realize that and would probably be just as happy with a cardboard box and wearing a diaper!! LOL

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  1. Look at that face!! How could you NOT spoil him! ;)



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