Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First trip to the dentist

Colton had his very first dentist visit this morning.  The dentist is only a pediatric dentist so they are used to little ones.  I was expecting the WORST and it actually turned out good.  I had envisioned him crying and screaming and biting the hygienist fingers.  They did a "lap to lap" exam, which meant that he sat in my lap with his feet around my waist and then laid back into her lap so she could she his teeth.  He laid right back and opened his mouth and she checked all in there.  Apparently he is getting two molars, which I didn't know about.  She scraped his teeth with the little scraper thing and she even flossed them.  She said he was one of the best kids they see--YIPPEE FOR COLTON.  Then the dentist came in to have a look and Colton was a little more shy for him, but then he laid back and let him look.  All in all, he said his teeth look great and just keep doing what we are doing.  He got a red balloon and a rubber ducky!!!  I was very proud of my little man. 

It has been a tough week.  On Monday, he went in and got his varicella vaccine and then he had to go to the hospital to get his blood drawn for his lead test.  As you may or may not recall, they do not do a finger prick, they go straight for the vein.  He cried when she stuck him and then while he blood was flowing, but he quit when she was done and I gave him a little lollipop.  So far no reaction to the vaccine, but it could be up to a month before we see any reaction.

Friday he has his EI evaluation.  I am dreading it as well as looking forward to it, if that makes any sense.


  1. Good job Colton, and good luck with the EI eval! I'm sure it is going to be fine and if he needs a little help, then it is for the best. You are doing a great job!

  2. YAY Colton!!! What a big boy. I hope Tyler does that well when I take him.



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