Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Friday

After having the last two weeks be short weeks, this week has seemed extra long. 

Colton did start school on Monday and it went well.  Ms Tanya said he played well with the other kids.  He didn't seem to care when Grammy dropped him off and when she went to pick him up, he was playing with another little boy and didn't come running right over to her.  Tuesday didn't go quite as well at drop off time. Mom said he was crying when she left but when she went to pick him up, he was fine.  He had Wednesday and Thursday with no school.  On Wednesday, it poured down rain all day so he couldn't get out to play and run around.  It was a rough evening when he got home.  He was EXTREMELY whiny and he peed in his pants twice in 30 minutes, which is not like him at all.  Normally he stays dry all day with maybe a pooping during his sleep (he wears a pull-up for naps for just that reason) and then from the time we get home until I put him to bed.  I sat him on the potty and he cried.  I tried to take him off the potty and he cried.  I tried to put his pants back on and he cried.  He just keep "melting".  I think he might trying to get a little sick.  He sounded a little stuffy the last couple mornings and then last night he woke up crying and I had to go and rock him for a minute and then he went back to sleep.  He went to school again this morning and was a little weepy when she dropped him off.  He kept saying "my momma" which is all he ever says when he is crying or gets in trouble.  When she went to pick him up, he was sitting at the lunch table with everyone and they were having pizza and corn, two of his favorite foods, so he got to stay and eat lunch with everyone today.  I figure I pay for it, so every now and then he can stay and eat.

My friend Brenda and her girls are coming over tomorrow.  Addison is two and Bailey is 2 and half months old.  Brenda and I were pregnant together and worked together so you could say Colton and Addison have known each other since before birth!!


  1. Sounds like school is going very well. It's completely normal for him to take a little time to get adjusted. But I'm sure that it's a fun, new experience for him.

    I hope if he does get sick it's not too bad and that it leaves quickly!

    Have fun with your friend! Sounds like you will...

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    The Dad!

  3. Sometimes it's hard, huh? Yeah, I'm with you. It feels like each time we grasp a way of life, it goes and curves again. Keep holding on, school is good for him. It's sad some days, but you're strong. Talk soon.

    The other Colton's mom.



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